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Friday, 11 March 2011


Below is a list of top Ukranian universities:
 1 Taras Shevchenko University, Kiev
2 National Technical University of Ukraine Kiev
3 Lviv State Ivan Franko University Lviv
4 V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University Kharkiv
5 National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnical Institute" Kharkiv
6 National Aviation University Kiev
7 Lviv Polytechnic National University Lviv
8 Ternopil Ivan Pul'uj National Technical University Ternopil
9 National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Kiev
10 Ternopil National Economic University Ternopil
11 Lviv State Medical University Lviv
12 Odessa State Marine University Odessa
13 Uzhgorod State University Uzhhorod
14 Donetsk State Technical University Donetsk
15 Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics Kharkiv
16 Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas Ivano-Frankivsk
17 Vinnica State Technical University Vinnytsia
18 Sumy State University Sumy
19 Taurida National V.I. Vernadsky University Simferopol
20 Donetsk State Medical University Donetsk
21 Donetsk National University Donetsk
22 Bukovinian State Medical University Chernivtsi
23 Odessa State Polytechnic University Odessa
24 Dniepropetrovsk National University Dnipropetrovsk
25 National Mining University Dnipropetrovsk
26 Ostroh Academy National University Ostroh
27 Precarpathian University Ivano-Frankivsk
28 National University of Food Technologies Kiev
29 KROK University Kiev
30 Khmelnitsky National University Khmelnitsky
31 Zaporizhzhya National Technical University Zaporizhia
32 Dnepropetrovsk State Technical University of Railway Transport Dnipropetrovsk
33 Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs Kharkiv
34 Ukrainian State Marine Technical University Mykolaiv
35 Kiev Slavonik University Kiev
36 Vinnica State M.I. Pyrogov Medical University Vinnytsia
37 Odessa National Maritime Academy Odessa
38 Kherson State University Kherson
39 Ukrainian Academy of Pharmacy Kharkiv
40 Bila Cerkva State Agrarian University Bila Tserkva
41 Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University Ivano-Frankivsk
42 Lviv State University of Physical Culture Lviv
43 Lutsk State Technical University Lutsk
44 Kharkiv National Medical University Kharkiv and other locations
45 National Agricultural University Kiev
46 Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies Odessa
47 Lugansk State Medical University Luhansk and other locations
48 Crimea State Medical University Simferopol
49 Kyiv Medical Institute of UAFM Kiev
50 Kharkov National Automobile and Highway University Kharkov
51 Ukrainian State Chemical Technology University Dnipropetrovsk
52 Odessa State Medical University Odessa


In order to be eligible and receive admission into Ukraine university, the student will have to meet some criteria. The section on requirements to study in Ukraine covers this.

Sometimes, the student may be required to deposit a part payment of the tuition fees, if the student is self processing the admission. However, students that are referred by reputable agents usually do not pass through this path, as the agent concerned endorses the student.
Once this step is completed, the student proceeds to process a student visa, if applicable for the student, and prepares for the life changing trip.
On arrival, the student completes the necessary registration requirements and medical checkups. When completed, the university issues a student identification card and hostel entry permit card to the student, which finally completes the admission process to the Ukraine University.
In Ukraine, academic activities in any Ukraine university for a new academic year start from 1st of September each year. Students that will be studying in English language are expected to have arrived and completed all necessary registrations before this date. However, students that will study in native Ukrainian language or Russian language are allowed to arrive a bit later for the one year language program, but not later than 15th of November. Sometimes, this may be extended, but it is better to plan on arriving before this date.
Lectures in any Ukraine university are offered in either the native language or English language. For Ukraine nationals, the native language is mandatory. Foreign students have a choice of either the native language or English language. However, although most courses are now offered in English language, there are still some courses not available in English language. In such a situation, the foreign student will have to undergo a one year language program. A separate certificate of proficiency for the language, is awarded to the student, on graduation.
Foreign students studying in any Ukraine university fall into any of below three study programs namely:
    Undergraduate program
    Postgraduate program
    Doctorate program
Most undergraduate programs normally run for a period of four (4) academic years. Medical courses, however, are an exception. Students have a choice of continuing to a Masters degree, on completion of the undergraduate program. The duration will depend on the student's graduation grades, in the undergraduate program.
Postgraduate program is based on completed undergraduate program. Students of the same university almost always have an automatic offer of a postgraduate continuation, depending on the student's academic performance. For transfer students, they will have to provide authenticated evidence of a completed undergraduate program, including their undergraduate project work, result transcript and the certificate.
Students in any Ukraine university normally reside in hostel accommodations provided by the university. The Hostels are usually in close proximity to lecture classes. Studying in any Ukraine university, the student is expected to be academically active. There is zero tolerance for non-serious students. Missed classes, for whatever reasons, must be compensated with extra hours of work.
Successful admission to any Ukraine university is a step forward towards achieving the academic dreams of the student, while safeguarding the student's future and that of the family through prospects of a professional career. It is Rewarding, Safe and Cost Effective.
Requirements to Study In Ukraine: 
The requirements to study in Ukraine are divided into four categories namely:
 Admission Requirements
Visa Requirements
Travel Requirements
University Registration Requirements

Admission Requirements:
This refers to the documents required to qualify for university admission / invitation letter. They are:
  • A filled application form.
  • Bio data copy of your international passport indicating the following: Name, Surname, Date of Birth and contact info.
  • A notarized copy of secondary school completion certificate.
  • A notarized copy of secondary school completion subject grades.
  • 6 - 8 copies of passport sized photographs, dimensions (3 x 4)cm.
  • A signed acceptance copy of the university admission proposal .
  • A signed copy of the study contract with the university .
  • A fees confirmation copy (bank copy) .
  • A medical fitness certificate .

Supplementary Requirements for Postgraduate students.
  • A copy of the project work.
  • A copy of the bachelor's / master's degree certificate.
  • Results and transcripts.
All documents must be notarized and translated into Ukrainian language.
When all the above documents are in place, the university will issue an admission / invitation letter.

Visa Requirements:
Some countries do not require visa. These include: Poland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Mongolia. Also, all countries of the former Soviet Union are visa free to Ukraine. The only exceptions are: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. However, check with the Ukrainian consulate in your country to confirm the necessity or otherwise.
On confirmation that you will need a visa, then the following requirements apply:
  • A valid international passport.
  • original admission / invitation letter from the university.
  • A confirmation letter to the Ukrainian consulate in your country from the university.
  • A copy of the contract (optional).
  • Health insurance certificate that is valid in Ukraine.
  • Medical fitness certificate, including HIV certificate.
  • Other in-house requirements specified by the Ukrainian consulate in your country.
Once everything is in place, the embassy will issue you a study visa. The study visa duration is usually not long, so be sure to use it while it is valid. Now, it is time for your travel requirements.
Travel Requirements:
  • A valid passport with Visa.
University Registration Requirements:
  • Original copies of all the documents listed above.
  • In-house medical / health examination.


Getting an admission into a Ukranian university does not need to cost an arm and a leg. In fact, you do not need to pay agents through your nose to get a valid admission in a Ukranian higher institution. With a little guidance and detailed research, you can secure admission and get almost all necessary documentation on your own.

Below are tips and recommended guidelines for Nigerians intending to pursue admission in any higher institution in Ukraine.

Admission to any Ukraine university begins with the receipt of an official admission / invitation letter from the university. A copy of the admission letter is forwarded to the Ukrainian consulate in Nigeria ( This confirms that the student is
eligible, and has been granted admission to study in the particular Ukraine university.

In order to be eligible and receive admission into Ukraine university, the student will have to meet some criteria:

Procedure to procure a student visa.

Birth Certificate: Obtain an attestation letter from ministry of National Population Commission (NPC)...located in almost all states. 

Medical Report Health report and HIV test which must be conducted in recommended hospital. The Kings care hospital ltd located at plot 2181 Ibrahim Babangida way, P.O.Box 8163 Wuse zone 4, Abuja, Nigeria. There are also other hospitals that can perform these tests, and you will obtain two reports viz; general medical test and HIV test. Prospective students are required to take their medical report to the Ministry of Health in Abuja. Here you do a confirmation test that on your HIV status and you will be given some documents to be forwarded to the Ukrainian embassy, if your medical report is satisfactory.

Educational Certificate: You will be required to present your original WAEC result and the school’s copy and testimonial which u will take to the Ministry of Education in Abuja for authentication and you will also obtain a letter of eligibility there.
Reference: A letter of sponsorship that must be endorsed by a notary public (such as a lawyer), must be written by your sponsor and addressed to the Ukranian embassy in Nigeria. It must state the amount in sponsor’s account and must not be less than six thousand dollars ($6,000).

Other requirements……..- An international passport valid for at least one month after the expiration of visa (usually one year visa).
- Application form: This is free and you can download it online or get from the embassy...
- Original invitation with name of intermediary company and its certificate number on the reverse side and a copy of the invitation.
Original copies of educational credentials and translated copies (testimonial, the grades obtained, - WAEC and NECO and necessary credentials), each authenticated by Ministry of education and ministry of foreign affairs in Nigeria.
- Legalization must be done by Ukrainian embassy on authenticated translated documents and photocopies of the originals.
- Eligibility letter issued by Ministry of Education in Nigeria, stating that the applicant has completed secondary education at a recognized school. All educational documents and certificates must be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and translated to Ukrainian language.
- Medical certificate of general fitness and HIV negative status of an applicant legalized by foreign affairs, and translated must be valid for two months.
- Original birth certificate and a photocopy of legalized documents by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nigeria. The birth certificate must be translated to Ukrainian language.
- Obtain receipts from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for payment for legalization of the documents mentioned above.
- Original and a copy of medical insurance covering medical aid and repatriation of the body, valid for the period of validity of visa (there is no need for legalization or translation of medical insurance).
- Original sponsorship letter which must include the full details of your sponsor (name, address, phone number, email if any) and obligation of a sponsor to cover expenses of an applicant (amount of money needed for tuition fees and daily expenses of an applicant stated in US dollars). The signature of the sponsor must be certified by a notary public.
- A copy of data page of sponsors passport or his/her driving license or national identity card.
- Open return ticket valid for one year (arrival date should be between 15 August-15 November).
- Any other document which can strengthen an application(if there is a gap after applicant's last study exhausted, evidence of what an applicant did during that period must be submitted. If an applicant continued his education but have not graduated , was employed, or did charity, or travelled or was involved in self education or the likes, STRONG  proofs should be provided . So bring any document that can strengthen your application to the interview.
- Visa fee is about sixty five thousand naira (N65,000) and about one hundred thousand naira (N100,000) for express. These visa fees could be more expensive depending on the number of documents candidates are submitting.
NB: For Nigerian candidates seeking admission into Ukrainian higher institutions, it is important that candidates visit the embassy and check for requirements on the notice board. There, you can get all the necessary information you need.  Please avoid agents more than 90% of them  are dubious!!!!!!!!!.

 Admission starts by 6th of May  to 31st of August to secure invitation to study.

Prospective students should prepare their mind for school fees of about four thousand dollars ($4000) for incoming medical student in English medium and courses like: economics,                                                      Business admin, Computer engineering, Telecommunications                                                     should set their mind on about three thousand five hundred dollars ($3500) per session. However school fees are payable in installments, thus prospective students are to be aware that they are not to give any agent school fees because school fees is expected to be paid by students upon entry into Ukraine.

For students aspiring to study aeronautic engineering, they should anticipate school fees of about six thousand dollars ($6,000) per session why those interested in aviation will pay about fourteen thousand dollars ($14,000) per session.    

This is very important, please avoid agents that are dubious when you can get invitation to study and do the processes by yourself. For help when you get to Ukraine call Mr victor on +380933718685. You can also contact Kunle on 07034560656 for further enquiries.